we always need new hosts

After some days of casa-rest (with just Robino and Amylin here most of the time), the house has received some new hosts again. Since yesterday and today we have Mathieu, Lousia, Capers and Charlie here, who both arrived with wonderful stories, including Capers fund-raising and building a school in Kenya & Charlie biking around the world.

Charlie is a bike mechanic on his world-wide bike trip and is on his way South now (the photo was from another cyclist though, who was here about 7 months ago), and they met when he had just started his trip in the States, and met again now since she was studying in Germany. Another great aspect of his trip is that he hitched a boat from the Caribbean to here... Let's see if he will find some time to write a bit more about how that went.

Yesterday Mathieu hitched from Berlin - we met before in Paris at the 888 hitchhiking day, and it is great to see yet another participant in that event who found the road to the Casa. He also invited Louisa to stay here, she is just 18 and touring Europe. They were both hitching before...

Let's see what this will bring to the house