New Arrivals and Loud Buzzing

George arrived yesterday or technically last night. With his folding bike and little carrier behind it. They make quite a sight as you can see from the photo. He cycled from Milano/ Italy to here Amsterdam mapping bicycle routes with a GPS device and sending them to the European Cyclists Federation that maps routes for us cyclists.

One more time

Friday night Rene and I decided, quite randomly, to go on another bike adventure. We had several possibilities as to where we could go. After some thought we narrowed it down to either National park De Hoge Veluwe, or all around the sea, north over the bride, then south and around, back to Amsterdam. The following morning, we woke up, and began to prepare. And finally around 10, decided on the national park.

we always need new hosts

After some days of casa-rest (with just Robino and Amylin here most of the time), the house has received some new hosts again. Since yesterday and today we have Mathieu, Lousia, Capers and Charlie here, who both arrived with wonderful stories, including Capers fund-raising and building a school in Kenya & Charlie biking around the world.