New Arrivals and Loud Buzzing

New Arrivals and Loud Buzzing

George arrived yesterday or technically last night. With his folding bike and little carrier behind it. They make quite a sight as you can see from the photo. He cycled from Milano/ Italy to here Amsterdam mapping bicycle routes with a GPS device and sending them to the European Cyclists Federation that maps routes for us cyclists.

We also had Josh coming yesterday, who is brothers with Jass. Josh rang the doorbell non-stop for about a minute or so just after noon, thinking he had to press the button to talk. He never experienced an intercom before... - he really said so.

He promised us last night to write a manual on how to press the doorbell and not to buzz. Almost everyone who's been here knows how important that sometimes can be: you jump two stories high when someone buzzes long just when you stand next to the intercom.


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yay bikes!

rock on george, that sounds awesome!! Doing it for the european cyclists... what a cute little rig you have there! How did that trailor hold up... happy with it?

love and hugs to a twowheeled friend across the ocean!

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yay bikes! indeed!

Aww, thanks, it is pretty cute!

The trailer did not hold up, unfortunately. Between Bruxelles and Antwerpen, the yoke snapped in two. It has also had wheel-falling-off issues (they used adhesive to stick steel to aluminum???) in Hungary, which cost 2 or 3 days of searching for someone to drill through my axels so I could pin them. This time I just had to take a train instead of finishing the last little bit of the journey. Would have been terrible if it broke near the beginning of the trip, though, as it really can't be fixed easily without replacement parts.

That said, I am happy overall with the trailer. I just shouldn't have used it so harshly for 5,000+ km :). Oh well. The reason I am happy with it is that I can take my stuff out of the suitcase and put it into a duffel bag or backpack, fold up the bicycle and put it into the suitcase, along with the suitcase's big wheels. I take trains that don't allow bicycles that way and don't pay extra for a bicycle when I fly - just for a checked bag, which is either free or something like 1/4 the cost of a bike.

Hugs and love indeed! It seems you're in NorthEastern USA? If you'll be in Boston between May 4 and May 12, let me know and I'll invite you to a gathering of friends there and probably can find a place for you to stay.

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That sounds like it must have been a great trip, what countries did you go through?!

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I just wanted to say "totally" to display my American heritage... it's becoming more and more apparent the longer I stay at the casa.

A rough overview of my route is here:, and I hope to add details and gps maps starting tonight, but that should answer the countries question :).