more magical than usual

Sitting outside a petrol station 60km from Verona, 30km after Trieste, at 530am. Hitching today was crazy. How does it happen that people and events just bring you to places that you never thought of arriving before?

I was picked up by a Dutch guy just before Nuerenberg and 9 hours later we are here in Italy, just 250 km away from my end-destination, but through a totally different route than planned before? And without the planned stop-over in Munich, the city we passed, the city I was unable to enter.

A senior Jaguar in Amsterdam Jan van Halenstraat at 1030, a bus-driver, a German social worker with whom I shared past experiences of life and death, a tax-official and a German truck-driver brought me to the spot where I was picked up by the Dutch guys, who brought me to the place I am right now, surrounded by mountains.

Silently enjoying the noises of trucks, smells of fresh coffee and the first people waking up, who are on their ways to their offices, and a nice young lady serving me a hot toast. I experienced the Alps at night, freezing cold (-15 degrees Celcius), and typing right now while it is still somewhat below zero, thinking back to that nice coffee I was served 2 hours ago by the boss of my Dutch driver.

I didn't have to wait long for the rides that I got on this trip so far (on average 20 minutes) but somehow I think waiting time will be much longer where I am right now. And where is next? Shall I stop over at Venetia? Or just straight on towards Ljubljana? Let's first see who just pulled over to check what's next.


1800. finally arrived in Ljubljana. I now understand why I had been avoiding Italy so much in my past hitchhiking trips. But things were cool anyway. I waited for the sun to show her face to me, saw beautiful white mountain tops beautifully enlighted by the fresh sunlight during that process, and two minutes later somebody opened his door without me asking for it.

He (a syndicalist organiser) dropped me right on the highway towards Venezia (the ride I hoped for), where I got picked up within minutes by someone from Moldavia, bringing me to a petrol-station where I took it (really) easy, enjoying a warm sun and everything, sitting down, writing notes and waiting for people to approach me instead of the other way around. Then spotted a car and decided it was going to be him.

Second petrol-station in Italy was even better. I lied down and rested for half an hour (sunbathing), scared the hell out of a beautiful Hungarian girl (she hit the alarm, and couldn't get it off... long story), and waited and waited for the right ride, until finally it was there. The boys brought me to the country where I am now (scimmy businesses) and I was instantly picked up by this really great guy who had heard about Aris before.


The whole trip was magical, more than usual. There is a lot to be shared and there is some beautiful notes in my offline little book. Maybe I will even come around writing that in zero's and ones, who knows: Random Roads.


More later.



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way of the moment :-)

Hitch-hiking As a Way of Life :

"In order to become a part of the divine will a man should go out the limits of his one one. You should reject your own will - that is a problem. If our will is open God begins acting through us. Then there is no more misfortune, no anxiety. You are completely relaxed, all problems have disappeared. - Osho "

" Nomads want to be free to explore the multidimensionality of reality. They will fight until death not to be imprisoned in a unidirectional structure where movements are predetermined. "

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Awesome, good to read your

Awesome, good to read your story!

Funny, I'm also skipping Munich most of the time.

"60km from Verona, 30km after Trieste", I think you mean "Trento", right? :)

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yeah, it was Trento indeed

yeah, it was Trento indeed and not Trieste, where I arrived 6 hours later or so. Anyway, all has been very good so far here in Ljubljana. I stayed with some wonderful people and met a lot of other good people while here (family and friends or Aris). I also stayed at a farm in the countryside in the house of Urska, who had been in the Casa before. Then as a nice surprise, the next day a friend of mine (Spela) took me to a traditional carnaval in the other side of the country.

I am likely to be here another 2 days and then most likely I will hit the road for Vienna, also depending on some other pending answers. After that I hope to hit Munich and Nuerenberg to deliver a message through Lightfoot :)