New Arrivals and Loud Buzzing

George arrived yesterday or technically last night. With his folding bike and little carrier behind it. They make quite a sight as you can see from the photo. He cycled from Milano/ Italy to here Amsterdam mapping bicycle routes with a GPS device and sending them to the European Cyclists Federation that maps routes for us cyclists.

Hitchhiking in North America (via Zuphit's request),

-Don't look too shabby and everyone will pick you up. Watch out for cops, know y'er rights. Last rites..ho! Avoid the midwest if you can and middle east coast as there's a bunch of huge cities making it difficult to traverse. Don't worry about finding places to sleep, you'll get offered places almost all the time, just take a poncha, no stove. Food is everywhere. Everything you need will come to you. Even in the midwest (which is quite a hell hole, swallows you whole but is a fantastic experience nonetheless to get to know everything you want to avoid).

lightfoot all the way to KANSAS CITY!

i went with my dear friend to the post office this afternoon. above his p.o. box was taped, the love letter i wrote to him back in june . written on it-- "hand delivered by jeff and libby from new orleans, traveled through amsterdam in october" i couldn't believe my letter had been hand delivered all the way from amsterdam to little ole kansas city. it was a magical moment, and instantly brought back all the lovely memories i have from my adventure in amsterdam and the feelings i had while staying at the casa.

A physical address for rent / mail forwarding

Mail Forwarding
This USA RV club offers a physical address to travelers, and, while a bit expensive (~$100 US/year), they will even read your mail to you over the phone, but only to its RV club members in the USA.
Do you know of any other places that offer a physical address? Other than Casa Robino :) ?

My trip, so far

Maybe someone remembers a crasy chef passing by the house about 40 days or so ago.
My trip has taken me thru all over Europe, hitting the transmanchurian railway down to Beijing and at this moment Im in southern China in a town called Guilin.
Its a very touristy place, but tomorrow Im going out to the rural areas to see if its possible to pick some rice.

Thank you!

We would love to thank you all for letting us film la casa, the open dinner and all of you who participated in it last week Thursday!
For those who were wondering why there was a camera running but left without a clue: we are making films about alternative ways of traveling via online hospitality communities around the world. Kicking the Amsterdam episode off by visiting Casa Robino.
We could not have wished for a more warm and welcome start.
Thank you Robin and all others in the casa!

istanbul twilight, i'm in love: my online postcard to you.

Dear Casa: I am happy in this small world;
and I still carry around bits and pieces of you, from you, to you.
I am still walking in your boots that you gave me when I had no more shoes left, and I'm still mending the same dress that I hitchhiked across a few continents in, and my life is filled with sweet old memories, and lovely new friendships.


We have two pigeons that have build a nest in the tree right in front of the house. The egg is white. We are also getting forward with the gardening. On the rooftop we have rucola and other types of crispy lettuce and on the balcony beans and lots of herbs. And wow, isn't it growing fast!

here we go again

bag are packed, we are ready to go. need to get out of the house as soon as possible...
starting count down :)

Journey to Texel

Pedal, pedal, pedal, thumb, thumb, thumb. Look left, look right, flat farms, all identical. Stick out your thumb. 5, 10, 15 minuted. Red lights, brake. stop. get in. Ride.

Our journeys to Texel may have been quite different, but in the end we all arrived. Two may have biked, four may have hiked. Who cares. We are all here together, out of the casa robino.