Public Pasta Madre

You're in Morocco with your pasta madre. You've got friends - friends are easy to make down here - but they probably only have a toaster oven in their kitchen. That might suffice for a tiny loaf, but just around the corner, right in your neighborhood, is a magical building that's not only more appropriate for family-sized breads, but also much more social, more connecting.

The Moroccan public oven.

This place is great! And it couldn't exist without the draw of all the local families - truly a bastion of the community.

Anything is possible

After nearly four days straight on the road (and sea) from Marrakech, Morocco, I have successfully hitchhiked back to the Casa in Amsterdam.

My route:

Wednesday-- Left Marrakech in the afternoon, wound up getting stuck in Rabat by night, spontaneously hosted by a boy I met in the streets in the Ville Nouvelle, who wound up living in a "very modest" but very kind little cement block home in Salé AND, coincidentally, being a mutual friend of my friend Mounir, from Marrakech.