Portal sailing out...

Oh wow! They actually are sailing! I can't believe that Charlie and Lily are sailing off from the United States and are headed for Australia. Lily wrote a little bit about it on her blog. And there is this video as well. Happy voyage you two!


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Hell yeah we're sailing!!

Hell yeah we're sailing!! This is what the last year has been all about, at long last we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor :) Love you casa, we think about you often, and recount your stories as if in a fairytale. Blessings to your (not so) new family Robin, what magic!


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wow, you did it!

Incredible to read your post that you've made it. Congrats. Goosebumps :-)
* http://beelily.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/portal-across-the-pacific/