Hitching to Berlin

Why go all the way east of Amsterdam when you can start hitching much closer to the house? To head to Berlin, you need a hitch on/to the A1, which is on the other side of town. You can take tram 12 and get off at Amstelstation for the 'official' hitchhiking spot, but there are alternatives that are easier/ quicker to reach.

Unorganising continues: nomadbase conference Berlin

Preparations are ongoing for the nomad conference in Berlin. We currently have many platforms to communicate with each other though: I guess we like to confuse people... ;)

Work is currently being done on organising spaces in Berlin, coordinating people and ideas, website development and some other small things.

Check for the latest the wiki that we are using (for the moment) as a central place to bring together information. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share. Also, be aware of the new mailing list we have.

she conference berlin on nomadism

Last year we had a conference in the Casa about sustainable hospitality exchange (SHE). This was before this website existed. You can find many traces of this gathering all over the house, like the she-mindmap in the kitchen, the four open space principles near the entrance and some other sayings on the wall in the Zula, in addition to some stuff online: The thing you can notice in the casa the most though, is the way we host and how we resolved the traditionally unequal relationship between hosts and guests, which you come across in 85-99% of the cases you do 'couchsurfing'.

Staying over in Berlin for ten days and meeting people who share the intention of creating, or helping sustaining similar places like casarobino, made me think (again) to do yet another SHE conference.

Hostage situation

Hi Casa,

How are you?

I have ill news to share with you. Our field agent Tau managed to contain Robino and bring him to our HQ in Berlin the Project volunteering. We hold him ransom until he has filled the house with the demanded love and hugs.

We will try to keep him as long as our equipment allows us and harvest as much love and hugs as possible. Hopefully we will be able to maintain it a few days. Also he looks very hungry, so we might be able to feed him a bit before he goes onwards. No one wants to pick up a skinny-sunburned-hitcher.

"SchonCasa" Project Berlin

"We plan this ultimate dynamic-stable place to be self-sustained eventually. First we want to live there, but at the same time there will be space for travelers to sleep, but also and more excitingly to meet, share passions and activities! We hope to provide space for all peaceful, and independent initiative, a place where any traveler can feel at home. It seems that we found our place :

Starting Febr. 1st 2009 we are living in Schönhauser Allee 146 in a 5 room 140sqm apartment.


Many Casa roads lead to Berlin these days - besides the Berlin Winter Camp partyzone, geeks are enjoying atmosphere at the annual Chaos Computer Club congress (25C3 as this one is called). Daily programme can be found here as slides, or some as downloadable videos.