Hostage situation

Hi Casa,

How are you?

I have ill news to share with you. Our field agent Tau managed to contain Robino and bring him to our HQ in Berlin the Project volunteering. We hold him ransom until he has filled the house with the demanded love and hugs.

We will try to keep him as long as our equipment allows us and harvest as much love and hugs as possible. Hopefully we will be able to maintain it a few days. Also he looks very hungry, so we might be able to feed him a bit before he goes onwards. No one wants to pick up a skinny-sunburned-hitcher.

I promised to give a note on the Casa and will do so soon.

Much love to people I meet at the Casa:
Shaun, Adan, Valentina, Amy Lin, Kitten and little miss Alison. Also everyone else.

Okay, that should be it for now. I will go and feed the Robino and share a little love with it, maybe also use one of my 3 questions. Take care.

p.s. Alison, did you make it over your intimidating experience? I am curious and concerned.


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Stockholm syndrome!

If any of the ninjas would be as kind as to kidnap & smuggle me away from this frosty land of Nokia and Linux in their backpack first, I'd be more than happy to co-scheme plots for further hostage liberations along the way back to Amsterdam. Potential, estimated, hopeful Berlin pass-through date: before September 10th :)

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New Demands

It seems the hostage situation has been turned upside down and Robino is now putting forward demands of:
Big garbage bags

What ever he will be hatching of plans in his mind we will be prepared to deal with it, along with any rescue mission, as well. The Viking guards the Door, hence there is a high entry-barrier.

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All of you are all extremely welcome, and any refusal to show up will be swiftly dealt with ;)

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ok, you guys will need to

ok, you guys will need to wait for a while (just the time to go to NY and be back) and then no fleas, nor time, nor money will keep me far from visiting the project. Everything will be changed again, and I'll possibly be different... this is the beauty isn't it? meanwhile I'll spread the love and the things learned so far all around...

much love to everyone there... and to Casa people wherever they are..

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Rescue from Krakow/Wasaw?

Well I'm still hitching around (still wayyyy off track), but if Need be, I will sneak in and see what kind of havok ("fun") I can raise...

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I guess I will have to send Remi and Pauline on a rescue-mission one of these days :)
alas, I am held hostage by my employer myself :(

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they have me too :(

they have me too :(

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Darn, he escaped... how did that happen? where did he go?

Sir, I saw him running north towards Hamburg!

Christ, let lose the hounds... We have to get him back!