Hitching to Berlin

Why go all the way east of Amsterdam when you can start hitching much closer to the house? To head to Berlin, you need a hitch on/to the A1, which is on the other side of town. You can take tram 12 and get off at Amstelstation for the 'official' hitchhiking spot, but there are alternatives that are easier/ quicker to reach.

Last time I hitched on the A1, I started on the Bos & Lommerweg, just before the entry S104 on the Ring A10 going North (see map). The option that worked for me very well last time was standing at the first traffic lights, holding up my sign and asking people while they wait. The second car opened its doors for me.

You basically want a hitch on the A1. But most people don't go there. So you want to ask people if they are heading towards the A1. For that they need to go over the ring North and East. I got dropped off at a perfect spot on the A10 at exit S114 just before Zeeburg/ IJburg with a petrol station (bad option - see map) and a double lane entry towards the highway, with also an emergency lane where cars can stop for you legally (better option).

From there you can hitch a ride towards at least Muiden, where you will find your first petrol station on the road to Berlin.

For further information, be sure to read this article on Hitchwiki: http://hitchwiki.org/en/Category:Route_Amsterdam_-_Berlin

Happy hitching !


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On our way! So me and alex

On our way! So me and alex met up at this spot. Half an hour later we were in a car to the baltics. Two cars we needed. First one the guy was bored and didnt mind bringing us to the petrol station on the a1 although he was already at his destination when he picked us up. Tfhere alex scored our ride to berlin sweet!