Nomad Base

Base in Berlin?

Hello dear Casa friends!

Does anyone of you know or have a nomad base/place/couch for me and 1 friend, for 2 or a few more nights in Berlin this weekend? (hh' ing on friday or saturday)

Lots of love from utrecht


Nomads base in Spain

Hey there!

I've been to casa in October 2009 (gosh, is it already that long ago?). I was on a cycling trip through the Netherlands.

Soon I will be free of uni again and instead of cycling I want to go Spain and learn Spanish, to have another key (=language) to the world, the people, the cultures .....

My question is, is there a casa project in Spain? I place where I seek acommadation, volunteer, meet people and live with them, speak Spanish, discuss, ...

I am happy for any help!

sending lots of hugs to Amsterdam!

Surreal Estate - A New York City Community Project

hey family,

Just linking you guys to a project in Brooklyn that seems to share interests with our gang.

I personally like the Make Your Own Bike Lane projects that they've taken so gladly on; though, it's too bad Amsterdam is already so cool...

Add it to the registar.

Love and light,

Jeremie (in Canada).