Nomads base in Spain

Hey there!

I've been to casa in October 2009 (gosh, is it already that long ago?). I was on a cycling trip through the Netherlands.

Soon I will be free of uni again and instead of cycling I want to go Spain and learn Spanish, to have another key (=language) to the world, the people, the cultures .....

My question is, is there a casa project in Spain? I place where I seek acommadation, volunteer, meet people and live with them, speak Spanish, discuss, ...

I am happy for any help!

sending lots of hugs to Amsterdam!

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2 in spain

i heard one in Granada, Casa de los Gatos. I donno anything else about the place but the name and city. Google for it.

And if u don't mind staying in the forest as nomad without electricity, the hippy community of Beneficio is an AWESOME place to visit in the beautyful mountains of Sierra Nevada. There's a guesthouse there (also without electricity), but better if u go with your camp. More:

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Spain? Catalunya?


I live in a small community in Spain, well, actually in Catalunya, close to Barcelona. We are a closed community and not a nomadbase, but if you tell us more about you and your plans, probably you could stay by us for a while. We always need a helping hand with a veggie garden or construction works :)
Our blog is (it is in Spanish and Catalan).


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any casa project in Valencia?

hey guys! ;)
the same happen with me, I'm gonna move to valencia next september and Im looking for the same project of community living in Valencia!
any tips for me? :)