Live in Berlin

Hello everybody! :)

I just moved to Berlin to study there and I'm looking for a place to stay. In fact, I'm not just looking for a place to stay. Last year I lived in a shared flat but I realized that I was looking for a kind of "school of life". I want to learn from and with people, participate in projects, be creative, use my imagination and not just by cooking.

I don't really know how to do to find a place like that in Berlin. I tried to contact some squats but the squats I found on internet are the most famous and a lot of people are waiting to get a place in it.

If you know a place where I could live or people who could hep me or people who want to live in Berlin and would like to create something with me, please contact me. I don't have experience enough to create a project but If some people are experienced and want to help me, I'll be really enthousiastic.

Thank you for your help, hope to meet you somewhere on the road.


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Berlin choses,

Salut salut salut Flore,
Nous avons une ami qui a un project comme peut-etre ce tu désireux...j'esperé elle peut aidé toi..
[email protected] (Tau)
Excuse-moi pour mon francais écrite..mais, bon...(et si tu es ne pas francais..:) )
Aussi, peut-etre tu peux contacter [email protected] (Danielle) qui es temps en temps faire chose active.
Finalement, il ya Tamara ([email protected]) qui a passé beaucoup de temps à Berlin.
Bon chance!

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thank you jass

Merdi jass! Je vais essayer de contacter les personnes dont tu m'as donné l'adresse! :)

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Hej Flore, I'm bout moving to

Hej Flore,

I'm bout moving to Berlin and while crossing xberg last weekend I found some stuff we maybe could check out.
However I'm renting out a flat cause I also need some 'shelter' just for me but I'd like to get into it. Guess Berlin should offer something.

Maybe we can meet somehow next week (I'm off for the weekend) and see what's going on.

take care

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Hi Yoshi!!! YEAAAH! Lets meet somewhere. Sorry I was travelling last week and I havent seen your answer untill now. I'm free during the weekend. We can meet whenever you want. My email adress is: [email protected] and my number: 004917627892679

Hope to meet us soon! :)