hi everybody :)

I kinda got stranded in prague and heard about your place from a friend (Yaniv)
and was hoping to drop by a bit earlier then planned :)
will not have internet and not sure about the having a cellphone working either :)
I have the details and I hope to either get to the city tomorrow or in the next few days

my name is Nimrod but you can call me nimmy :)

im sorry I dont have picture of me because it's not my computer

Nimmy's picture

Getting back earlier :)

Hi guys I'm coming back earlier on wendSday eve probably

If Valentina is still there and she can email me
about the tree planting, I'm curious...

See whomever there soon, cheers

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אין בעיה.
מתי אתה חושב שתגיע?

אימייל עם הכתובת בדרך אלייך...