Around the world, and back.

Dear casa Robino
When we started to write this letter, we were sitting at a tropical island, drinking cheap Thai whiskey with ice we stole from 7-eleven. We had a tent pitched on a beautiful white sandy beach and every morning we awoke to the feeling of the hot blazing, Thai sun. We left Amsterdam to find the sun, and we finally made it!

hi everybody :)

I kinda got stranded in prague and heard about your place from a friend (Yaniv)
and was hoping to drop by a bit earlier then planned :)
will not have internet and not sure about the having a cellphone working either :)
I have the details and I hope to either get to the city tomorrow or in the next few days

my name is Nimrod but you can call me nimmy :)

im sorry I dont have picture of me because it's not my computer