traveling clothes

dear casa tribe

i stayed at the house in march and left some clothes behind. it is two or three dresses, leggings, and a pullover or so. i think robin will know where they ended up. please don't ask how that happened, and if you want to know just meet me :-)

now i will be home in berlin in a couple of weeks and i am not sure when and if i will come back to amsterdam. if there is someone who will go to berlin could you please give that being the clothes to take them along? i will fetch them up anywhere in the city.

you can also send them via mail and i will submit the fee via paypal but i would prefer the light way---

lots of love from nicaragua, the country of the rocking chairs


evaaa's picture

mission accomplished!

after all and all a bag named "EVA" was handed over to me with a big hug by the great helicopter yesterday. funny enough, we met by concidence in the flat of lovely valentina :-)