Need your support, or we are going to close.

Since 2009, in Casale Monferrato, north west of Italy, 35.000 inhabitants, exist a very active place where hospitality is shared. It started from an idea of some local nomads and since 3 years, hosted almost 300 between volunteers and travellers.

Is a colurfoul apartment at first floor in a multicultual street in the city center.
Everyone know the place, and neighbours bring us food and share stories and time with us. Our doors and windows are always open.
We always focused about this: share, understand and respect each person diversity.
The house is quite big, has a kitchen, a hall for events, a relaxing room, sleeping room with four beds, a huge bathroom, and a garage.
Next to the house there is another garage, were we store objects found in our dumpster diving, and then we use it as a creative workshop.

We had wonderful time, and organized around 200 events, for share travellers culture with locals and fund money to pay the rent.

We gived to the guest-host everything for free, accomodation and food, and we also got some help from the locals.

With our time and passion, we were able to do this, and found somehow to pay the rent of the house.

We also run some blog and groups through internet to promote, not only us, but all cultural and artistic activities of the city.

But what happen now?

Until now everything was coordinated with the support and help from who created this.
But now those people, rightly, need to also have freedom and keep their travelling spirit alive. In the last year they were keeping coordinating the Space, giving up to their feelings to travel.

So now, we decided to found a solution, an update, to transform this place where everything is shared, as a nomad base, freeing also the creators from their responsabilities.

The ultimatum date is 1st of august. Since that date, a solution should be found, so we offer an opportunity to use this place and transform it into a real self managed nomad-base.

We need one or more person that would like do this, and keep this place alive.

We had good skills in a local way, organizing events (200 in 3 years), dinners at our place, music, workshops, language courses, ecc...
We had also good skill for attract travellers (300 in 3 years) using our blog, couchsurfing, workaway, ecc...
But we had a lack of knowledge and thoughts about future of this place, organizing a structure that could work with his own legs.

The rent of the house is quite cheap, 350€ including expenses.

So we ask to you to first spread this message to your contacts, and then if you feel to come to visit us before august and see the opportunity we offer.
If we found someone motivated and with ideas that can work, we can also give them some money (600€ that we have in our deposit), so that they can have suppurt for the first 2 months.

For us, what is important is that this place keep to live. Is something unique, because the relations builded with the local community and the support from the local people.
Alternatives are: to close, or ti give this places to some local organizations, but we know, in this case, the nomad spirit will be lost.

Please, check our blog , and find us on facebook where you can find a lot of pictures:

To contact us: [email protected] +39.349.5250560

Thanks for your support.


The Serydarth,
Little Intercultural Space Team

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