Where is hitchwiki

Hey, I'm trying to access hitchwiki.org since two days and constantly fail. You guys wouldn't have an idea of what happened to it? There are people out there that might be in great need of it.

Hitch to Trash and vice versa

Sometimes ideas are just to obvious to not happen. Trashwiki was created in the week that Hitchwiki reached 1000 articles (in its English language version). This week Trashwiki reached 100 articles and today we set up convenient links from Trashwiki to Hitchwiki and vice versa.

Smoking Apples

Nice dinner, good people, random phone-calls and great inspiration for future projects. Even Erga was present, although from very far away, and I finally managed to clean the desk.

Guaka playing guitar, and even a Scarum mix music, sharing stories on dumpster diving, a Crew Change Guide and our first hitchhiking experiences. I love these evenings. Wet girls, jumping Kasper in a pink mini-skirt, or.. how to make a smoking-pipe out of an apple?