Australian trash

Greetings from Melbourne.
I’m staying at an amazing little squat and the kidz here are very much into dumpster diving.
We went out for multiple diving yesterday and I thought it’s an interesting piece of info to share (I also told them about trashwiki and maybe they can pour some relevant information in).
First dumpster diving was the market. Very similar to Amsterdam – tons of fruit and veg.
Second diving was in a bakery, baguettes, loafs of bread.
Final diving was at the big supermarket chains, we stopped by several of them and this was the most interesting one.

First of all – there are quite a few dumpster divers in Melbourne as it turns out. We met several groups when we went diving. The big chains usually lock the dumpsters, but the keys are pretty common in the dumpster divers’ community – lots of people have copies.
We had the most unreal findings – mosquito repellents, shampoo, soap, buckets, tampons, chocolate, pasta, doughnuts, Halloween pumpkin, eggs, cheese, veg + fruit, bread, a whole potato sacks, crackers, lots of chips, coca cola, new garbage bags... and so on.
That was brilliant. You can actually live here without spending money and get all the essentials.

Another random thing:
The other day I met Jeremy completely by mistake (the guy who dropped by a few times in July and left some “hippy love books” at the Christian hostel where he was staying). That was fun. He still has pictures of the kitten on his cellphone that he shows people (what a nice looking kitten).