The hitchhiker dislikers

It's interesting to observe people who don't want to take hitchhikers. Maybe they think I'm dangerous (do I really look scary..?) and dirty. Or maybe it's just very lovely to have some empty seats in your car to look at. I don't own a car, I don't have a clue.

going out again.. first: istanbul!

hey there, i stumbled upon this forum today while
browsing for interesting places in europe, as i'm going
away for a long travel next week!

my first stop is istanbul, after that athens, paris and maybe
also amsterdam to stay in casa robino, who knows? :))

but first i need some tips for social centres, squats, or other nice
living places in istanbul.. i bet this place is full of travellers who
loves to share their experiences!

oh, and if some nice person wants to hook up over there,
just say so :)

take care yo! /Raymond!

Bye casa!

Before leaving to Wendland I'd like to share some upcoming events, to stay, or even get in touch with you.
* Firstly there is this so called 'yearly hacker meeting' in berlin by the ccc from 27th to 29th Decembre.