Pancake & Tea Sunday Begins,

To all concerned or unconcerned, & people who need sunday warmth; tea, pancakes and good or bad conversation -

URGENT - Kitten is running around spreading her legs to anything that moves...and keeps eating plants..So, we figure, it would be good to raise some funds for her to get sprayed (?), to calm down her hormones a wee bit..
Therefore, this sunday (first of the year at casa) we will be raising donations for none other than our constant host, miss kitten.

Pancakes, home made jams, a whole bunch of teas.
Come come come!

wanted: 20 kilo of organic flower

Learn how to make people-bread: bread made by you, your hands and an oven.

Pasta Madre,
a traveling circus of 2 south-italians spreading the joy of bread around Europe. Traveling with *sourdough for bread*, they extend the sharing of bread day by day with their Pasta Madre (mother sponge) while new sourdough is extended through mixing with the existing one. Through spreading the joy of sourdough bread they create new connections between people and our food cultures.

Bye casa!

Before leaving to Wendland I'd like to share some upcoming events, to stay, or even get in touch with you.
* Firstly there is this so called 'yearly hacker meeting' in berlin by the ccc from 27th to 29th Decembre.