going out again.. first: istanbul!

hey there, i stumbled upon this forum today while
browsing for interesting places in europe, as i'm going
away for a long travel next week!

my first stop is istanbul, after that athens, paris and maybe
also amsterdam to stay in casa robino, who knows? :))

but first i need some tips for social centres, squats, or other nice
living places in istanbul.. i bet this place is full of travellers who
loves to share their experiences!

oh, and if some nice person wants to hook up over there,
just say so :)

take care yo! /Raymond!

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in IST

uhm.... if you like & are currently in istanbul, i can meet up with you here.


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all right, i'm going next

all right, i'm going next week with a girl called anna, i'll contact you when we're there, and we'll see if we can meet up!

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phone: (+9) 0 531 376 84 62

(you can call, although i might not respond if i'm teaching a class when you call. otherwise email. i live next to taksim square & teach in besiktas.)