turning a pc into a mac?

Helllllloooo all!

For a while I was hiding in my shell. I decided to leave my shell couple of weeks ago and hit the road to Damascus in sake of an independent&international documentary project.
I need a laptop when I get back to Istanbul to edit my part. The thing is windows is annoying when it comes to hardcore editing and mac is unreasonably expensive. Is there anybody tried mac os on a pc? Is it fluent? Would I get too much crash downs?
By the way this part of the world seems like in need of give away or swap clothing corners since there are lots of travelers, cyclists heading to hotter or colder countries. If you are going to India or Africa you don`t want to carry your down jacket. Does it worth to think or just a shitty idea. What do you think?

Missed the hugs in casa

Warm hugs from cold Damascus

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ha! I heard about your Syria

ha! I heard about your Syria project. Sounds wonderful! And I think it is a great idea for a cloth-swapping/give-away and lightfoot in Damascus...!

ah and concerning your horrible title, you can try this to install osx on any platform by following these guides. It should be just as stable but you might want to go around that website to check out more info.