Traveller in Amsterdam looking for host and nice ppl.

Im Allan, 30 years old from Estonia. But travelling atm. Have residents in Greece (lived there 6 months). Now in Amsterdam. Looking for good ppl, maybe some host. Havent decided now yet to stay here or to go spain or back to greece. Everything is possible, im free :)

Im normal man, living good way with my (open) heart.

P.S. Making some money with juggling.


Can you host casa-people in A'dam?

You like the Casa and its people? Did you visit us and do you live in the area? Then maybe you have offered us to host casa-people when we get somewhat overloaded? We heard you but we never created a list of you friendly people!

So now we ask you that if you have the ability to host someone, to let us know.

a room (to rent) for March, but maybe longer


Is anyone looking for a room to rent?
My friend Louella is leaving her room on the 1st of March and she needs to find someone to replace her...

The room for rent is in Bos en Lommer, Trouringhstraat 14.
It is available for one month, but it could be more (they have to talk with the landlord).
There are two nice Swedish flatmates who study graphic design at my school. The apartment is all furnished with really nice bath room and nice kitchen, with washing machine, dish washer, oven,...


My internship ends and so does my time in Amsterdam. Summing up for school and for myself I came up with quite a list of things that I've learnt here.
In my internship report, apart from all boring arty-farty stuff, there's also chapter about Amsterdam experience. Being thankful for this, I'll share it with you:

"In Amsterdam I have learned:

- to make bread, using and maintaining a sourdough.
- to do small repairs for my bicycle.
- to dumpster dive food and furniture.
- to cook vegan.
- to hitchhike alone.
- to share, to live in a community.

Hitching to Berlin

Why go all the way east of Amsterdam when you can start hitching much closer to the house? To head to Berlin, you need a hitch on/to the A1, which is on the other side of town. You can take tram 12 and get off at Amstelstation for the 'official' hitchhiking spot, but there are alternatives that are easier/ quicker to reach.

Splitting Junction

Splitting Junction

wanted: 20 kilo of organic flower

Learn how to make people-bread: bread made by you, your hands and an oven.

Pasta Madre,
a traveling circus of 2 south-italians spreading the joy of bread around Europe. Traveling with *sourdough for bread*, they extend the sharing of bread day by day with their Pasta Madre (mother sponge) while new sourdough is extended through mixing with the existing one. Through spreading the joy of sourdough bread they create new connections between people and our food cultures.

Memories of Amsterdam

I was merely eighteen years old, more than twenty years ago, it was like my maident journey, something calling me.
A friend said she wanted to hitchike to Amsterdam and that she knew other people who had done it and it was safe.

We were a small group of three people but it was difficult to travel together so we split up, had okay journeys, nobody was troubled or hurt, rather the contrary, people on the road were kind, even gave us a bed and a meal sometimes as well as a lift.

where to drink, what?

Ok - so once I dumpstered beer together with Lili, but at night we don't always find the best location to actually sit somewhere and get some special beers. Though, a nice thread was started just recently on on the better places in the city to go out & have a special one. There are some good bars and places still missing, but it is getting pretty comprehensive already for a nice 'open'/free guide.


Yesterday, I ate breakfast in Maastricht, lunch in Amsterdam, and dinner in Maastricht again.