My internship ends and so does my time in Amsterdam. Summing up for school and for myself I came up with quite a list of things that I've learnt here.
In my internship report, apart from all boring arty-farty stuff, there's also chapter about Amsterdam experience. Being thankful for this, I'll share it with you:

"In Amsterdam I have learned:

- to make bread, using and maintaining a sourdough.
- to do small repairs for my bicycle.
- to dumpster dive food and furniture.
- to cook vegan.
- to hitchhike alone.
- to share, to live in a community.
- a lot about myself, my boundaries, difficulties but also good qualities.
- more about my identity.
- more English.
- more Dutch.
- to move around Amsterdam, to use OV-chipkaart, to cycle 1-3 hours a day,
- to cycle in rain and snow.
- to pick chestnuts in the forest and roast them.
- how to be open and tender to people.
- more about Islam and Muslims.
- more about Americans and the States, culture, history, geography.
- how to draw searching for a good way to draw (finally learning on my own without school, teachers and masters).
- more about alternative lifestyles, eco-villages, squatting, nomad bases."

Thank you Amsterdam, thank you Casa people!



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This is fantastic fantastic

This is fantastic fantastic fantastic!

you didn't know how to share before?