Traveller in Amsterdam looking for host and nice ppl.

Im Allan, 30 years old from Estonia. But travelling atm. Have residents in Greece (lived there 6 months). Now in Amsterdam. Looking for good ppl, maybe some host. Havent decided now yet to stay here or to go spain or back to greece. Everything is possible, im free :)

Im normal man, living good way with my (open) heart.

P.S. Making some money with juggling.


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Forgot email

Can write me [email protected] - reading it 2-3x in day. have greece tel. nr and cant use it here.

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kuidas läheb?

I'd suggest you put in a more detailed hosting request at There isnt any long term space here at the moment but we might be able to host you for a few nights... Also if you fill in your profile here more then maybe we can understand a bit more about you, which of our projects you want to be involved in and how you came across the casa.

Head päeva!