Hello, I am new here!

Hello, I am new here!
Hello, I am new here!

Hello! My name is Novi Tatewari and wow! what an amazing adventure this is! The conception was great, but birth was even better, on the 10th of August at 2.55am - almost a week from now.

And I can tell you, this is so much fun! There is so many things to listen to and to feel - and wow, the milk is really as great as they told me.

Overall I am a pretty chilled boy. I love being awake some hours a day and to be cuddled or rocked. But of course I totally dig sleeping and dreaming. I also like to stretch and to use all of my muscles.

My mom and dad - Gabitsiki and Robino - are really sweet. They feed me when I ask for it, or change my diaper when I smell. Did you know they actually like the smell of my poo? It smells like lemon-pie I heard my mom saying.

And guess what?! My mom is feeding me so well that I am already getting fat; I was 3056 grams at delivery but I am already way over that one. Ah, and I was 50 centimeters tall. What about that huh! I am a big boy!

Okidoki, I look forward meeting you soon! I am sure my parents will let you know soon when is best to visit. First some more rest, aaaaah.


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Novi nice to meet you!

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BEAUTIFUL!! I sent you 3 my

I sent you 3 my love.

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hearty congratulations, new baby and new parents.

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Thats fantastic!! I cant wait for seeing you all!! Warm hugs from the cold Norway :)

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Happy birthday Novi!

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welcome novi! greetings from

welcome novi! greetings from here :)

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Happy for you!

Happy for you!

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wowie zowie Novi!
Avisen cuando se puede visitar.

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Congratulations!! Gefeliciteerd!!!
Een mooi nieuw leven, en er wacht een groot avontuur! :)
Smiles!! :)

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I'm speechless! Well Novi boy

I'm speechless!
Well Novi boy you have to grow bit more for the stuff that I've posted on Monday. But no rush to grow, take your time. Don't wake mom and dad up at night too much, ok?

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:) Welcome Novi !

:) Welcome Novi !

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SO SO LOVELY! Guys may it be a time of wonders, patience, love and learning with excitement for every new day. I'm enchanted! Many hugs xxx Gefeliciteeeeeeerd!

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welcome novi! love from overseas from martina and joão

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welcome novi! love from overseas from martina and joão

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Sooo cool!


I hope we can visit your family soon.

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at the right place

A handsome kid that you are... you should learn how to read and to use a browser so you can read Hitchwiki's top tips, open a BeWelcome profile and go traveling! :)
Or maybe just crawl around your amazing home for a start and discover past nomad's marks and spirits.
Give your parents a hug from London!

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Thanks everyone!

hey all, thanks for you nice responses :-) It is such a big change, it really is an amazing event... I am not sure how to evaluate things yet as we are still adapting to the rhythm of the baby but it is true that every day is a new gift.

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Welcome Novi!

Wow :-) So good to see that everything went well and that you made it to this world healthy and in good mood! I wish you all the best, little Novi! There is so much to hear, touch, feel, and see - I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Be patient with Ma and Pa, they are doing their best. I hope to say hello some time in the future!

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congratz! welcome

welcome aboard.

(also, glad to hear they didn't name you something that sounds a lot like kitten)

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Wow :) adorable

mazal tov to you all!

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Awwwwww YAY!!!!! This is so

Awwwwww YAY!!!!! This is so awsome, what a handsome little boy :) Sending hugs!!!

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Amazing! :-)

Amazing! :-)

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Greeting from Paris, say hi

Greeting from Paris, say hi to your dad and your mum and take care of them.