Oil and Water

Greetings, Casa people.
I wanted to write something short about going back to Israel through Egypt, but then it kept getting longer. It may feel shorter if read fast…

It's night and I'm somewhere in the desert outside of a small town in Sinai.
I fell asleep during the bus ride and woke up in its last stop, not sure where I am at and why I haven’t been waken up earlier at a check point (the previous 100km ride evolved 3 police check points). I've been averaging about 2 hours of sleep per night for the past 3 nights, I guess I got tired.

Hallucinogens for the Peace Process

A Call for the Use of Hallucinogens in the Middle East Peace Process, the 1st sentence that came up in my mind when I woke up in the New Year. And why not? Let's make a call, send it around and have it endorsed by various organisations. Having seen that all means have failed so far to create the right circumstances for peace in Israel/ Palestine it could actually yield much better results than anything else.


Just reading up on la Casa. Great to see so much activity up there in the North. And to see so many people living harmoniously together (or so it seems :)

By the way, if worked out our Drupal set up can be used for other communities as well?
Especially if we manage to connect it to other networks (good news: Google and M$ will be openly supporting OpenID).

I'm about to start another wiki (or two) here, but the beach is calling...