Daan on the casa

Casa Robino is an act of balancing

— Daan

windows suck

- What are you doing behind a windows computer?
- Don't worry... I am using a condom.

— Bobby asking Robin what the fuck is wrong with him

roken is dodelijk

Kasper (on antagonizing people): I guess I'm doing the thing Marc likes to do.
Anu: What? Spliffs?

— kasper/anu

"There is no such thing as too much guacamole."


Valentina: "Do you think you could you ever be with some one who ate FEBO on a regular basis?"

— Valentina



You're a traveler and I'm a mess, so what do we do with that?
-One messy trip?

i can also

Now you can eat it..... I can have a piece.

— Tanja, who suggested Anu open her birthday candy, simply because she wanted to try it.

nearly a man

Amylin's chat up line: "well i'm nearly a man, i have no boobs and i don't shave my legs!"

— Amylin

sucking ass

Amylin: "no no no, this sucks ass in the bad way, like when you have to do the sucking of the ass."

— Amylin

free your mind and your ass will follow

— george clinton