I just dumped 60 kilos if Italian trash at the post office. And no, I'm not talking about Valentina.

— Robino


Baste: When I was in america I joined a fraternity.
Abbey: How was that?
Baste: sick.

— conversation

great quote

what I just said would make a great quote for the website
(but i dont think I ll remember what I said tomorrow morning)

— pg

be more boring

Well, you're an extraordinary person, so it's a lot harder. Maybe you should try being more boring.

— emmie

emmie tries to advise amylin on how to fall in love with anyone


-Did I already called you bitch?
-Did I already slap you?

sexual assault

Hans, you always touch my ass when we hug!
- yes. because my hands are bigger than your ass!

i guess so

we are the people who our parents warned us about.

— unknown

from a tablet travelling on walls


- wow. I never had a girlfriend with make-up before!
- I am not your girlfriend !!


That was a clear cut case of counter-transference. Better known as black magic.

— Aisha's response to a story of reluctant seduction.

thinking of Finland

I am thinking of going to Finland.
- Oh that would be great for you, there is only daylight now, no night.
What do you mean great? It means I would be sleeping all the time!

— Marc answering remark Anu/Robin