robino's Quotes


- I am sorry
- Oh, you are sorry?
- yes.
- So why are you not in your jar?

— ze sorry jar

invalid argument

I am not giving you an argument, I am giving you an order!

— Gabi vs Computer


Ah, Bobby is a geek!
- yes he is an ubergeek
So why does he have a Mac?

— Gabi

Thanks So Much!

Thank you guys so much for having us. And good luck with the dishes!

— Jens, Layla, Jonathan.


Why don't you wanna come for yoga in the park?
- Because I am anti-social

— Robino

narrow minded

I am so narrow minded, I normally shop at supermarkets.

— Manzare's response to her first dumpster dive experience


Do you mind sharing your room with a guy?
- Uhm. It is nice weather outside!

— Manzare


I would happily participate in more activities in terms of, for example, doing useful things around.

Rita asking if she can come back

Anything else exciting happened today?
- No not really. People were just laughing.
Laughing? You mean people were all happy?
- No, they were just laughing at me.

— Wrenaqua Free Hugging

dark bread

I think these are too fried but I am sure they taste very crunchy.

— Anca bringing in some dark toasted bread