I will take the room if you promise to help me in cleaning the cockroaches' shit.

Valentina's sms to her new flatmate in Brooklyn.

"I made the Grease."

— Moises

in a discussion of what musicals he performed in.


- What are the things that could possibly stop you from traveling around the world?
- Amnesia.
- Either that or losing my legs.

charlie answering robino's question on massimo's patio

"It's not you making the pasta madre, it's the pasta madre making you."
--Massimo in Vicenza

barely legal

I miss being illegal.

— Serpil's response to amylin's new grafitti projects

Cereal and circumcision

People in America are circumcised because of cereal.

— Mark

Strong dicks

We all have strong dicks


I want to see the balls enlargement picture.

— Roy

hi, whats your name?
you look like a girl i knew in prison

— Taliah

Taliah meeting Steff


why did you choose a house next to where all ambulances depart from?
- because we expected the place to blow up within three days.

— Daan from Berlin project volunteering answering robino's question after yet the 10th ambulance disrupts the peace.