vegan girl vs. carnivore boy!

- I will not kiss you till you brush your teeth.
- I kiss you whenever I want.

Conversation from last night at bbq party.
Amylin vs. Mert


"Your ribcage keeps poking my ribcage!"

— amylin/mert

That's your decision

"I love you."
-- "That's your decision. (Pause) Oh no, I mean, I love you too."

— amylin / mert... who was lost in thought and discussing other topics simultaneously

Rene on wikipedia

Rene: Yeah, Lyon is the capitol of French cuisine. Well at least it is stated on wikipedia, so it might be true...

Beer and a fridge

Julian: Ok lets do this!
Robin: Yeah!
Julian: Ok, so I'll watch you do this...

Julian decided to put beer in fridge. Robino promptly picks all beers up.


-Nobody told me the password. I got here this morning.
-Everybody can make up a password
-Does this means everyone has got a different password? How do you keep track of people in this way?
-We don't.

— Valentina asking Miranda for the door password


- What did you not believe in again?
- I don't believe in anything
- Welcome!

— robino, davide, marc

the smoking in this place goes to shit when I am not around here!

marc commenting on the lack of large roling paper upon his 3rd return to the house

Prime Minister

-What would you do if you were the Italian Prime Minister?
-I would resign.

Valentina answering to Robino

mostly dedication

-It's going to take a lot of dedication.
-And a lot of organisation
-Well dedication mostly.

Robino & Davide