dcarpano's Quotes

'It is like hitchhiking, you aren't in the car for the whole eight hours, you also have to wait for your ride for a bit in between"

Davide and Allison comparing hitchhiking to being a prostitute in the red light.

Beer and a fridge

Julian: Ok lets do this!
Robin: Yeah!
Julian: Ok, so I'll watch you do this...

Julian decided to put beer in fridge. Robino promptly picks all beers up.

marc is not a sceptic

Were you born sceptical?
No, I am actually still sceptical that I was born.

marc responding to robino's early morning remark in the zula


"It is good to eat fruits. I like fruits."

— Rene - aka - Fruit Salad

Marcel: It is impossible to fight and not get depressed.
Robino: It is actually pretty easy, you just have to let go. (and then he said something else intelligent no-one can remember)
Anu: And then you end up like Robin
Robin: it's actually pretty cool

— zula


"I never really questioned god, I just don't give a shit."

— Rene

The razors edge

"The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over; thus the wise say the path to Salvation is hard."