- Right, now I am gonna go for an orgasm
- Just make sure you don't share your dildo with the cat

— authors wish to remain anonymous


Hey everyone - the cat has worms in her butt
- did you name them?

Tsufit answering to Shawns' biology research


I don't know why... I had worms when was a child.
- Did you also smell to shit?

— commenting about kittie possibly having worms


"Let's call the kitten 'Salami'. So that she can write in her profile -I'm the only Salami allowed in the Casa-".

— Valentina, referring to the meat left by someone in the slag room

Why are you here for boy?
- Kittens?
- Just a way to say I am happy to see you

Casa conversation about xmoggling the kitten after having babys

g spot

"Finding the best spot when you're hitchhiking is like finding the g spot."

— milo said to jaab on their first hh experience


I have a bad sense of direction, so I am a cartographer.

— Jaap

Manu about her profession


- Now for some serious talking...
- Do you really think all that shit came from one mouse?

Adan commenting about the first signaled mouse


whatever you do, dont make any decisions

— Shaun

(To Adan) - You always look so Argentinian when you come out of the shower.

— Robino