I am poorly educated. I am an artist

— Amylin

-When is the last time you heard something positive about German wine?
-uhm, when I was in Germany?

olar responding amylin

'It is like hitchhiking, you aren't in the car for the whole eight hours, you also have to wait for your ride for a bit in between"

Davide and Allison comparing hitchhiking to being a prostitute in the red light.


I would still be a virgin if I wouldn't drink

erga at s.h.e berlin

are you an anarchist?

- Are you all anarchists here?
- No, we're royalists.

Stolencompass answering Olar's question

Kitten is on hunger strike.
-What are her demands?
To eat.


stolencompass has a sixth sense for dumpsters!


i have a question about the kitten and the food
- are we talking about starving or feeding her?

— Robino/Owen


Einstein said, "insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again expecting different results." That's why I stopped getting out of bed in the morning.

— Chris

discussing the upcoming SHE goes mad in berlin

yeah we can have one with a dictator
- can i run that one?

— robino/heather