It's like that disease you develop when you get kidnapped and you start loving your captor.

— Katherine

Katherine explaining how she feels about her life in casa.

Not an excuse

"But he's an American"
"That's not an excuse"

-Thomas, Sma and Zuphit discussing Michael Moore's exaggerated style.


Want to get rid of war?
Think poly-amoristic...

Wrenaqua having his morning, philosophizing session

If you shake it, she will come.

— Marc and Katherine

Tricking kitten

Trash Salad

"Amylin, is this salad or is it trash?"

— Someone at 6-8-10 Hitchgathering

baltic feet

Sometimes I just think my right foot is Estonia.

— Dominic

Lasting impressions

You don't want to form your opinion of someone based on one day's underwear stains.

— Marc

Comment on the undesirable consequences of leaving one's dirty underwear all over the Casa

confusion could lead to another form of realism

confusion could lead to another form of realism

Kitchen saying at Martina's and Sarah's

Art of baking

- What is this and why does it smell so good?
- It's cake, and I put poison in it.

— Dialogue betwen Leo and Heather

in the kitchen on Leo's arriving night

Woman skills

He was so impressed by my brain skills that he might have forgotten I am a woman.

— Valentina talking about male drives not asking for sex.