In eternal transmutations, the secret power of song greets us here below.

— Novalis

Herman Hesse's Magister Ludi

I don't give any fuck!

— Onur

Onur's Turklish way of saying "I don't give a fuck!"

I understand what is it to be a bottle but I can't understand what is it to be a spoon

— Jass


- Someone will do that
- Hey, that someone could be me!

the purpose of the male race on a dancefloor

The guy's on the dancefloor have only one purpose, be a bounceball to protect the women in MY existential view of our little planet...

— Wrenaqua

after a night in Jester's, most infamous pub in SH, while dancing in a can of tightly packed sardines

terrorism and inquisition

islam terrorists are like the christian inquisition in the dark ages, just a more modern version.....

— Wrenaqua

sittin in a southampton doorpost drinkin red wine and smokin a cigarette

make love, not war

If evryone on the world would be poly-amoristic, it would turn out that's it's quite difficult to start a war

— Wrenaqua

my mind

What are you doing on Saturday night?

I have a friend that you maybe want to have interaction with.

— Simla, understating

Most people don't mind smelling their own ass
- how can you smell your own ass?
No, I mean when I fart.

— Katherine

- The more you give the more you give
- And that's what you get

— casarobino