Wrenaqua's Quotes

overflow i guess

hmmm.... another overflow of the states???

— Wrenaqua

standing in the disco with 4 subjects

traffic a la butter

Traffic is like butter, and im the so called hot knife

— Wrenaqua

while breaking rules with Hugo

Spreading happiness

Wishing happiness, and so Sharing happiness...brings Happiness! :)

— Wrenaqua

@ bio-highrise

happiness versus life

life is made to be happy

— Wrenaqua


broccoli = cauliflower = flower cabbage

three of Wrenaqua's confusion's

— Wrenaqua

my mind


Want to get rid of war?
Think poly-amoristic...

Wrenaqua having his morning, philosophizing session

the purpose of the male race on a dancefloor

The guy's on the dancefloor have only one purpose, be a bounceball to protect the women in MY existential view of our little planet...

— Wrenaqua

after a night in Jester's, most infamous pub in SH, while dancing in a can of tightly packed sardines

terrorism and inquisition

islam terrorists are like the christian inquisition in the dark ages, just a more modern version.....

— Wrenaqua

sittin in a southampton doorpost drinkin red wine and smokin a cigarette

make love, not war

If evryone on the world would be poly-amoristic, it would turn out that's it's quite difficult to start a war

— Wrenaqua

my mind