narnua's Quotes


You're a traveler and I'm a mess, so what do we do with that?
-One messy trip?

We're all made of stars

Under which stars were you born?

— Aisha's amazing alternative to the casa-banned question "where are you from"

meaty soul

-i ate some meat
hope that makes your soul feel good
-my soul doesn’t care

— vegan vs meat-eater

we're all trash

We need dumpsters to interview, would you volunteer?

Francesca for the needs of her dumpster-diving documentary

OSX Mac Apple is bad for you

The only good Mac is a dead Mac

Julien commenting on the fact that there are no apple's in the house no more - just a dead one


What's a CMS?
-Crap Management System

— Living room on Content Management Systems

-If you would see another Finn on the street, what would you do
-walk the other way

Ride her

Can I take key to Miss Brown, I wanna ride her

— Nitai's evening plans


tomatoes are a form of transportation

— Amylin


I'm not punchy, I just go for the balls immediately

— realitygaps