Casa Reshaping Process

Casa Robino is a dynamic, ever-changing place where things happen on the go. It has been a home for many people in the past three years, an experiment to overcome boundaries between guest and host: together we try to host each-other while being hosted. Here we all live together and share what we can!

If you think you ought to be part of this experience, there is something for us to learn from each-other, or you feel like scrubbing the toilet with Robino's nose (when he's there), contact him, or even better leave a host-request that is visible on the website for those signed-in.

"Casa is my home and so it is yours. Our home. Post-revolutionary, for travelers, nomads, hippies, punks, cyclists, pilgrims, peaceniks, kitten-lovers and anti-heroes. To share, to learn and to give. Give care, give hugs, to be honest and truthful to oneself and eachother. To cook, to eat, to dive, to clean. To live together. Unique in its kind, as everything else.

The Free Tea BIG Surprise Party

Late afternoon, Friday and the doorbel rings. It is the mailman, "Hi, is this Casa Robino, I have a package for you". I feel surprised and wonder what it would be as I walk down to the front-door. The amazement grows tremendously as soon as I open the door and see the mailman with a GIANT package in his arms.

While walking back up, my excitement increases too. What could it be? What would be in it? While I slowly walk the stairs I check the box but there is nothing really on the square thing that reveals its contents; I can hardly wait to know and the curiosity grows even more.

Casa Wintersleep

Hi all, to find a better balance I decided that I need some more solitude, which means that the casa will have a winter-sleep. I am closing down the host-requests until at least the 21st of March (beginning of spring), and will only open the house for people with whom I made or will make personal agreements (which will be limited).

Keep on Moving

Back since a week! A great place to come back to, casa. The list to explain why is long. I am always surprised to see what changed, and always come back to the same conclusion: it is similar like before, but also different. And this time, it has certainly 'matured'! I am really thankful to all who keep this place moving further...

So, I found this poster just now that I wanted to share, without going sentimental. The text is known by some of you maybe, but the poster I had never seen before. No clue where it comes from, and who made it...

nice guys travelling to the dam on 13.09

Hi there, me (jonas) and my friend (eric) plan to hitchhike from berlin to the dam. we're starting on monday morning (13.09), maybe we are in the evening in a'dam or on the next day. is there a place for us in the casa for some days(~3) :) ?

should i call u or is the request here enough? i know there isn't much more time,
but i hope we see us at monday/tuesday :)

greetings from

Jonas and Eric

ecological versus un-sustainable products

A vision into the point of buying ecological products versus cheap products:

There's a tendency around the casa that we're not supposed to be buying the cheap products, but ecological (and more expensive) products,my finest example about this point ;)

From Sustainable to Shared Hospitality

Two years ago we introduced the concept of "sustainable hospitality exchange", as an approach to understand hospitality and as a framework to see how we can be hospitatible 'sustainably': on a personal level (that we can remain hospitable), on a group level (host-guest relationships) and on a network level (the social networks behind hospitality exchange).

just ring the doorbell and say @#$%^

In the five days time from the phone call to flight I had misplaced the paper with the address, me being an optimist said "no big deal everyone there probably knows what casa robino is I'll just ask someone when we arrive".

I came across this blog-post of Gary who apparently stayed with us last Summer (and took a plain for that purpose).

Casa Productions

Finally our wonderful september masterpiece. Hopefully many to follow!

Casa Style Peer Pressure

Peer pressure refers to "the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in order to conform to group norms". How do we deal with this in Casa-culture?

We had a recent discussion inside and outside the house about sharing-culture and how people integrate in our shared culture. Are we on the right track?