Casa Reshaping Process

Casa Robino is a dynamic, ever-changing place where things happen on the go. It has been a home for many people in the past three years, an experiment to overcome boundaries between guest and host: together we try to host each-other while being hosted. Here we all live together and share what we can!

If you think you ought to be part of this experience, there is something for us to learn from each-other, or you feel like scrubbing the toilet with Robino's nose (when he's there), contact him, or even better leave a host-request that is visible on the website for those signed-in.

"Casa is my home and so it is yours. Our home. Post-revolutionary, for travelers, nomads, hippies, punks, cyclists, pilgrims, peaceniks, kitten-lovers and anti-heroes. To share, to learn and to give. Give care, give hugs, to be honest and truthful to oneself and eachother. To cook, to eat, to dive, to clean. To live together. Unique in its kind, as everything else.