Casa Wintersleep

Hi all, to find a better balance I decided that I need some more solitude, which means that the casa will have a winter-sleep. I am closing down the host-requests until at least the 21st of March (beginning of spring), and will only open the house for people with whom I made or will make personal agreements (which will be limited).

This is mostly a personal thing (really, it is not about you!). I simply feel the need to spend more time by myself in my own house after I moved in here three years ago on February. I am sure everyone understands... And who knows how this will evolve for the casa.

At the same time I will most likely continue with Thursday night open dinners and maybe make them more public again. Also, I am planning more activities for the Sundays, among other things bread-making workshops.

On my own, I will spend my time mostly with writing, reflecting, reading and by being silent.

Happy New Year - wherever you are :)


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happy hibernation!

happy hibernation!

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happy hibernation

and enjoy the sacred silence.

bear hug :)

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Silence helps us to grow.

Silence helps us to grow.

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Thursday dinners, too?

Any plans to continue Thursday dinners?


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Update frome inside the casa

Update frome inside the casa :
Robin didn't bite me when I came to say hello (and eat his food), he doesn't have beard yet, but he started to do strange things with garlic...

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Happy 2011

These postings may disturb the silence of 2011
big entering
but nevertheless,
knowing that Casa is alive, asleep and constantly breathing
is more than enough to keep me warm on travels through these cold Winter months!
All the best for ever.
xx, Sigrid

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How beautiful is to know your needs and tol fully embrace them!

Robin, I wish you the best silent inner journey, infinite ink, focus and the joy of the little things (instants of eternity).

Summer is a state of mind :)

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winter silence.

Silence. Space. Aloneness. Love. Relaxation. Concentration. Wisdom.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Spring will come, in the blink of an eye.

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fair enough

Fair enough Robin. Enjoy your time alone, everyone needs solitute sometimes. it's more than healty. Happy new year, big hugs!