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Thank you!

We would love to thank you all for letting us film la casa, the open dinner and all of you who participated in it last week Thursday!
For those who were wondering why there was a camera running but left without a clue: we are making films about alternative ways of traveling via online hospitality communities around the world. Kicking the Amsterdam episode off by visiting Casa Robino.
We could not have wished for a more warm and welcome start.
Thank you Robin and all others in the casa!

12 questions you never dared to ask

0. What is CasaRobino?

A self-organised travelers home, a nomad base. It is also a real social network of traveling friends that keeps on expanding, who comes to their «Amsterdam based house» once in a while, to stay for just a couple of days or for much longer, who comes here to learn and or to contribute.

hey Hey, I'm moving to Amsterdam - can you help me???

Hi! I am moving from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, to begin at the Rietveld arts school in august. I still haven't found a place to live. Is your house, casarobino,a space, where you can stay for a while?? I would love living in a community, being new in Amsterdam (with no friends bu-huu).
Sincerely sara

wanted: 20 kilo of organic flower

Learn how to make people-bread: bread made by you, your hands and an oven.

Pasta Madre,
a traveling circus of 2 south-italians spreading the joy of bread around Europe. Traveling with *sourdough for bread*, they extend the sharing of bread day by day with their Pasta Madre (mother sponge) while new sourdough is extended through mixing with the existing one. Through spreading the joy of sourdough bread they create new connections between people and our food cultures.

Postcards for the casa

We want to create postcards for the casa.
Anyone of you which come with an idea, post your creation right here in the website and we will print it.

the third side of a coin

"My first day at "Casa Robino," I asked where the bathroom was. Simple question, I thought; it should have a simple answer. "Just open all the doors - you'll find it," was the simple reply", is how Charlie the First Brigham the Fourth, aka Caveman, starts his latest entry on his website. What Caveman writes is what comes closest to any description of what actually takes places in this casa, and is a must read for all who is coming here for the first time. Enjoy, here it is. "No hand-holding, no directing; power and responsibility are refreshingly balanced in the Casa."

And for those who want more of Caveman, here goes a nice video:

"SchonCasa" Project Berlin

"We plan this ultimate dynamic-stable place to be self-sustained eventually. First we want to live there, but at the same time there will be space for travelers to sleep, but also and more excitingly to meet, share passions and activities! We hope to provide space for all peaceful, and independent initiative, a place where any traveler can feel at home. It seems that we found our place :

Starting Febr. 1st 2009 we are living in Schönhauser Allee 146 in a 5 room 140sqm apartment.

from little things, big things grow

The casa was my only reason to come to Amsterdam and had a lot to do with why I stayed. For the most part, I was unaware of the fact that I was living in Holland (except for the weather, which kept me grounded). In fact, I was not living in the Netherlands at all; I was living in the casa, whether inside or outside of it. In casa, I could dare to be myself and witness the reflection in others. In casa, I grew a family. In casa, I could travel by means of standing still. Stand still senza stand-by: motionless change, seamless nomadism, boundless voyage.