wanted: 20 kilo of organic flower

Learn how to make people-bread: bread made by you, your hands and an oven.

Pasta Madre,
a traveling circus of 2 south-italians spreading the joy of bread around Europe. Traveling with *sourdough for bread*, they extend the sharing of bread day by day with their Pasta Madre (mother sponge) while new sourdough is extended through mixing with the existing one. Through spreading the joy of sourdough bread they create new connections between people and our food cultures.

(* Sourdough is a dough containing a lactobacillus culture, usually in symbiotic combination with yeasts. Sourdough bread is made by using a small amount (20-25 percent) of starter dough (sometimes known as "the mother sponge"), which contains the culture, and mixing it with new flour and water, check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sourdough )

Learn how to make people-bread, not by a machine but by you, with hands and oven. Learn it with the traveling Pasta Madre and come at Damoclash this Saturday, at Georgio's on Friday (starting at three pm) or at the open casa dinner tonight.

Here we trust in spontaneity, in disorganising and the wealth of sharing. Spontaneity lies in the fact that nothing was planned, disorganisation in the fact that we are looking for each of you bringing some eco-flower (we need at least 20kg spread over the days), two or more big glass bowls and an OVEN (for today and Friday). And we trust that it will happen.

And make at home, or bring ingredients along for cremes on top of bread. think baba ganush, humus, guakamole, tomatos and basil (aka bruschetta) etc.

Join, initiate, create, learn, share, bake.