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Casa Robino is an apartment in Amsterdam. is the collective web presence of the people who are, have been and will be at Casa Robino.

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no, no cockroaches !

no, no cockroaches !

Website should be more fixed now

Managed to fix a bug and now the website is back running almost normally, but we lost a few frontpage stories. They are still in the casa but not promoted to the frontpage anymore so lets fill it up!

Happy Birthday

Dear Casa,
I've been turning 26 in some parts of the world while dumpstering organic BabyCakes in Lower East Side. It was then when I got a magical phone call wishing me a Happy Birthday and even thought my hand was in the process of loosing all feeling in the snowy wind, I couldn't stop talking and I realized how grateful I am for the people I know and the gifts you've been sharing with me.

Aris, so long

"I am really happy to leave this terrible weather and go far away." -- Aris in the offline guestbook, 22nd of November.

Aris in QuiberonAris in Quiberon

Aris. We can still see her sitting on the back-porch, smiling, overwhelming everyone with her smile. Full of joy and perception. She understood the art of perceiving, of traveling; the art of hitchhiking and the art of balancing. Aris was a wonderful young girl with an amazing potential. She was very remarkable with a great sense of direction, depth, and dedication.

so when I was walking to the casa

I asked some guy if I was on the right street and he said"are you going to that guy's house who always people from around the world staying at his place."

the casa is famous en el barrio..apparently.

CasaLeipzig !?!

Interested in developing intentional communities in beautiful old houses which are being disposed for free in exchange of some care? ... get in touch with Dante

"i am never just in one place at a time"

i arrived very early this morning in porto, in a mere 6 rides, which is half of the amount that it took from amsterdam to grenoble.
during the day, all of the rides spoke only french, except for two, whom also spoke some moroccan arabic :)

on the second to last petrol station in france, i found a portuguese guy who was driving straight to porto. he was speaking to the servicemen in french, so i approached him french... we spoke for a little while, and he said he would be going in the direction of spain. he looked very spanish, so i decided to go ahead and ask:

New repression statistics

The self-declared state "Casarobino" has just jumped from the 149th to the 13th place in the scale of human rights (Human Right Watch tm) after the total censorship of the hospitality exchange website It is now impossible for a citizen, a resident or a visitor of Casarobino to access the website from within the territory of the state. Our correspondant from Casarobino informs us that there is no concern whatsoever between the citizens of the state, and that the local medias did not emphasize the event.