New repression statistics

The self-declared state "Casarobino" has just jumped from the 149th to the 13th place in the scale of human rights (Human Right Watch tm) after the total censorship of the hospitality exchange website It is now impossible for a citizen, a resident or a visitor of Casarobino to access the website from within the territory of the state. Our correspondant from Casarobino informs us that there is no concern whatsoever between the citizens of the state, and that the local medias did not emphasize the event.

The international reaction has been quite vehement, the delegate from the security concil of the UN has announced that a special session has been summoned. The United States of America are considering taking military action.

The Visionary Leader of, Casey Fenton, has been contacted but seems to be unavailable at the moment.

Asked to comment upon the event, the president-for-life of Casarobino has responded: "I thought it'd be funny. I just found the option".

Reporting from Amsterdam, Julien Boyer.


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You are either with us or your a terrorist

Dearest Marc:

i suspect suicide is your best option

can i have your lap top
and the cell phone which is a lousy cell phone
but is really good at everything else ?

Paxus at Can MAsdeu, Barcelona
16 begging 2K8

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No way, Paxus! You're at

No way, Paxus! You're at Can Masdeu too? I spent 2 hours hiking in the hills of Barcelona looking for Can Masdeu from directions given to me by Emily Katrencik. How did I miss it?

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it is easy to miss and it is easy to find

Go to the Canyelles (sp?) stop onthe L3 line (it is not longer the last stop as it was 4 years ago - the metro has been extended). Walk out and continue in the direction of the train if you were coming from the center of town. Go up a slight hill, just before the hospital turn right besde the 3 mini soccor/football fields. Walk up thru the park onthe very well worn trail (and basically the only one) at the top of the trail ther eis a curvy road, go a few dozen meters and there is a dirt road, with a sign Can Masdeu. On the lamp posts heading away from there metro station there are black spray painted stars on several lampposts and power boxes.

But the easier way is to go to the metro stop and look for people who look like they are going there and ask. 30% of the time they are and yo can have anice conversation with them on the way up. 30% of the tiem they can point you how to get there even if they are not going 10% of the time they are looking or it to and you can look together 10% of the time they will have heard of it and not know where it is and 20% of the time you will have simply asked the wrong person.

the basic directions are also on the wikipedia entry i am working on

we are hear until Dec 22 are you still around ?

Paxus the last one awake at Can Masdeu
16 begging 2K8

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Can Masdeu and locals

hahaha first time I was going there, I got info that I have to get of at Canyelles and then ask in the bar. I did it and locals seemed to know how to get there. But... I think it was catalan sens of humour... there are 2 ways, they explained me the longer one. Instead of 10 min, I was walking 45min, with burning sun upon.

Next time, I went there with my friends, cycling from our village, La Floresta. Someone once said - it is one hour walking. It is not. We were cycling two hours through deadly mountains.

So the way to CM is obvious. Be sure you take the shortest one.

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Can Masdeu (rhymes with "where are you??")

Oh man.

So, I got out at Canyelles and walked uphill, directly up hill.
Past some apartment buildings, and then there was a road cutting across the hillside.

I walked up the road for a long time until I came to a dirt path.

Picked a whole lot of cactus pears to eat later, then kept walking up the dirt path.
An old man followed me for some of the way.

I kept walking as straight uphill as possible.

I came to some powerline towers.
I looked around. Not a building in sight.

I walked back to Canyelles. That took two hours. I'm still not sure where the wrong turn was but I'm determined to find it next time! (esp. after reading Paxus' omelette sonnette)

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so frustrating

Dearest Star:

We keep missing. i was just there at there party. i feel bad my directions were not complete enuf. I think the problem is that you do not continue in the same direction as the metro, but the opposite one (you change directions 3 times coming up fromthe metro, and i forgot one). Are you still in Barcelona ? Lets get together saturday we leave early sunday. Write me at [email protected]

otherwise i will get someone to send you better directions if you are around for a while

Paxus in Barcelona
20 begging 2K8

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casarobino vs cs ambassadors

So how does it work if you are a CS ambassador and a Casa Rebel at level 6?

There are quite a few of us CS ambassadors in the Casa loop.....

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You are going to be an interesting group of people to talk with.

You make me laugh

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Further increased Repression Excpected

A source unable to identify themselves from within the couchsurfing bureaucracy said "We are planning on moving Casa Robino, all it's revolutionary cells and covert agents from level 13 repression, to level 6. At level 6 couchsurfing ambassadors are encouraged to use lethal force when ever confronted by a Casa rebel."

Further interviews with anti-terrorist experts from inside the police state of CS said "We believe this ranking accurately reflects the danger CR so called 'freedom fighters' pose to our very existence. This ranking puts them higher than largely inactive Basque separatist group ETA, but a couple of notches below Al Qaeda."

"This is not a group of kids looking to get stoned and have some fun in Am*dam, these are holy warriors on a mission to destroy all that is good about the glorious couchsurfing empire." Said an official spokesperson on the condition of anonymity, for fear of reprisals.

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Agitated User misses cockroaching

On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 7:52 PM, the casarobino Ministery of Filtering received the following e-mail from Agitated User:

> I am missing cockroaching and wish to access their horrible website so that I can crash it.
> Can you help?
> Yours sincerely
> Agitated User
> PS Did you happen to see a kilo of weed i mislaid sometime last month?

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we received another complaint

we received another complaint (funny it took so long actually)

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 12:30 AM, wrote:
> its redundent that i give my email when i cant access my email.
> this is such a conundrum!!!!
> --
> Domain Details:

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