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    why? you dont know me?

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    i am kev. i live on the south island of Aotearoa/New Zealand offering hospitality to wayfaring strangers.

    i love the outdoors especially water - the ocean, lakes rivers, hot springs, fire-heated bathtubs, etc.

    i am creative - mostly using paints and photography but also interested in theatre and storytelling. i love hanging out in galleries, performances, etc both for pure enjoyment and to inspire my own creativity in new directions.

    i occasionally contribute to couchwiki, sharewiki and trashwiki with the username: Luna1.

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    Hi i am 26 years old , I am a student

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    the forest

    just another human

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    I'm a traveler by heart and a host when I'm Home, opened minded person. 21 years old with a mix cultural back ground born in USA but Grew up in Mexico ben active traveler enjoying every moment of life, active Couchsurfer.

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    The friendly host

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    - anarcho-pacifist
    - anti-speciesist
    - anti-theist
    - earthling
    - music enthusiast
    - basketball player
    - commons and sharing supporter

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    I'm Laura, a fotografer form Barcelona but i live since 3 years in Berlin. But since more than half year I'm travelling working as a volunteer in various areas. My first step was Peru, then Ecuador, Colombia...

    I feel myself as a nomad. I can't stay in one place longer... i need new people, new language, new scenario, new adventures... :)

    I take life as a journey to discover this beautiful world we live in. A journey to know more deeper specially places, culture, cuisine and mainly to meet new people and new points of views.