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    Vagabond. Currently in Europe on my way to West Africa.

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    I am Florian, aka flov :)

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    Lund, Sweden

    My name is Fanny. I'm nice, I promise.

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    Recently graduated from university trying to make a living in Amsterdam :)

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    I am Alex from Constanta, Romania, I know about you from some friends of mine: Ioana, Ioana, Alexa and Luca who stayed at Casa Robino last summer. They told us about the house and I was wondering if me, my girlfriend, my sister and her boyfriend (4 people) can maybe spend a night at the house the following week. Thanks :)

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    i'm a chinese.i'm come from china.i want to join in here just to know about more and more different friend.

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    I am you.

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    I'm a Neo-Nomad in search for my tribe, and for a place to create and float. I'm interested in HH, DD, Nomadbases, living without or little money, volunteer till I die and never refuse someone help.

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