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    a brazilian journalist interested in people and social change.

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    me and my lovely boyfriend are Artist, furniture restorers, sculptors, building restorers, decorators, illustrators, wood carvers etc.
    We are vegan/vegetarians. We love sharing, experiment.

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    we are two hungarian autenthic traveller looking for meeting real people...
    staying only for a week in Amsterdam. we got the idea to look for Casa from a french friend of us who knows the story somehow..

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    I'm Jean, a brazilian guy who lives in europe for 11 years, travel, meet people, learn, listen, share, multiply, talk, cook, play world music and lot's of other things.

    I'm a Dj and Tragic designer, hehehe tragic cause this days things are hard, to hard and being a Dj is much more fun, less money, but lot's of fun!! :-)

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    I'm an 18 year old boy from Portugal.

    I just finished High-school recently and now I want to travel for a year, with few money, hitchhiking, working, street performing, dumbster diving, couchsurfing, casarobinhoing

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    just a fellow wandering this earth in search of connection, meaning, inspiration. and hopefully leaving it a little better than i found it.

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    I am Tau. Born in Barcelona, fallen in love with Photography. Also in communities and sharing. And recycling full time: food, rides, materials for art... I lived in Beijing and in London 2007-8. In Barcelona and Berlin 2008-9.
    Founded Project Volunteering in Berlin.

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    Budapest - Hungary

    i'm from budapest, i'm traveling around europe and at the end of the year i'm planning to go to mexico. i'm an easy-going, funny person, i love to meet interesting people!

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    I am a traveller, biking through this area of the continent. Originally from Montana (USA), I enjoy anything outdoors.